As researchers we can spend a good part of the year traveling to and attending conferences. How do you step back and make the most of that time by making a strategy for the conferences you attend and how you divide your time during those conferences? Our guests from the AEESP conference share their strategies and approaches for success and we share ours in a roundtable format. Listen to this episode to make your next round of conferences the best yet.

[2:30] Ariel gives a little background on the series of 4 episodes that are a collaboration with the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors
[3:40] Daniella explains the #chatsin4D they developed for the AEESP conference. They are taking applications for these now.
[5:38] Getting the most out of conferences by planning out your travel year in advance
[8:15] Inheriting your priorities from your advisor. Rethinking the conferences you want to attend
[9:30] Don't feel badly about not going to the whole conference. Feel free to play a little hooky
[10:25] Early career researchers should speak to students they are mentoring and help them plan out their first conferences before they attend
[11:45] Good idea to email participants you want to meet ahead of the conference
[13:35] As a student it's hard to approach the big names in your field. It can be intimidating
[13:50] The worst time to speak with someone is right after they have given a talk
[16:00] Remember that students don't always know that professors are always on the lookout for good students and postdocs
[17:30] Daniella talks about attending conferences as a high schooler and undergraduate and how that shaped her choice to attend graduate school
[19:15] What about AEESP attracted Daniella to graduate school?
[20:10] Ariel had a similar experience when she went to a Gordon Conference on disinfection byproducts
[22:00] Looking for opportunities to disrupt the power dynamics that keep us separate is a great way to create connection at a research meeting
[26:45] Ariel's parting advice is to setup a social challenge for yourself at each conference. Talk to a certain person or ask another person a question
[27:50] Daniella's parting advice is to not miss out on the social aspects of the conference. Have fun
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