Why should you listen to Helium Podcast?

It is tough to know where you put your energy and where to avoid wasting your energy. Make the hard parts be the actual scientific discovery.

We would like to be your guides that help you reach your peak as a researcher. Taking the switchback trail instead of climbing straight up the side of the mountain.

People have done this before. There are people out there that have been fighting these battles. We want to bring them on the show and pick their brains about the best actionable items you can implement into your own careers.

A driving question for us is where is the best place to spend energy to make an impact on the areas that you care about and secure your job through tenure at the same time. We want to help you make the highest impact possible by drawing on our 28+ years experience in and around academia.

One of the first thing we did was talk to people we knew in this stage of their career last year about what were their biggest problems. What were they struggling with? What are the things you most wish you knew (when you started or as you are are starting) that you were not at all trained to do. There are three main topics we will base our episodes around:

  • Teaching and Mentoring
  • Strategy for building a research program
  • Systematization of processes to avoid wasting time.

A little more about us why we can help you as guides. Christine’s background and current position at Duke University. Matt’s background and current position at Rice University. We are motivated to bring our personalities to the show, but not make this about us.

We want to create an interactive community. We want to hear about what guests and topics you are interested in for the show. This show will be a virtual pub or virtual coffee shop for mentoring at large.

We will try to balance the show with a 50/50 split between academics and non-academics we believe can help you. Episode 2 and Episode 3 are good examples of what we are trying to do with these types of episodes.

We are hoping to distill the vantage points from outside of academia so that you can become an expert enough at all the other aspects of your job besides research.


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Episode 2 – Dr. Jose Cerrato

Episode 3 – Dr. Katy Peplin

There is also a special guest appearance from Christine’s kids screaming in their baths!

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