Dr. Christine Ogilvie Hendren

Elevating researchers in team science.

Dr. Hendren is an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Duke University, and Executive Director of the Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (CEINT), a multi-institute, interdisciplinary research center whose mission is to elucidate what governs nanomaterial behavior and impacts, and translate this understanding into directional guidance for managing potential risks. She is also faculty co-lead for the Team Science Core of Duke’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute, through which she and her team offer consulting, courses and workshop design and facilitation to support successful team research. Her research focuses on methods, models and human processes to assess and manage environmental and health risks – particularly emerging and complex risks characterized by pervasive uncertainty. In service of this domain space, Dr. Hendren has lead communities of practice in various team science arenas including 6 years co-chairing the National Cancer Informatics Program’s Nanotechnology Working Group, and leading the development of the CEINT NanoInformatics Knowledge Commons. She founded and chairs a community of practice, Intereach (Interdisciplinary Integration Research Careers Hub), which focuses on identifying and developing intentional career paths and professional development resources for the people who professionally shepherd and synthesize knowledge across boundaries to elevate the collective realized potential of research teams. Dr. Hendren is a trained facilitator, and has designed and facilitated numerous workshops (e.g. for EPA, Society for Risk Analysis, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office) and game-based sessions dedicated to bringing diverse cadres of experts together across disciplines and sectors, in order to identify and prioritize research agendas that align incentives and outcomes with multiple parallel missions. In 2017 she co-founded Helium, LLC, and consultancy and podcast company, to broaden opportunities for integrating and elevating researchers and their great ideas.