Katy’s background and how she came to serve graduate students.

Some specific examples of her graduate student coaching and some of the accountability services she provides for free.

Katy talks about what it takes to get graduate students over the feeling they have to do it all alone.

Why Katy started an online community for graduate students to support each other in a safe environment. You can find out more about that community at

Katy talks about the composition of the Thrive PhD community. She built the community from her humanities perspective but PhDs from across the spectrum are finding the community to be a valuable resource for them.

Katy talks about her free thirty minute discovery calls for any graduate student interested in support and learning more. She sees some common problems. First, someone who thinks they are superhuman and sets incredibly high goals for themselves. Second, people feel shame that they have a life outside of academia. Katy describes this as a human life. Third, people don’t feel like the fit in with others in academia because of who they are of where they came from.

Having worked with so many mentees Katy shares advice about what mentors can do to improve how they help graduate students. First, sharing the process of how you do your own work. This is really looking under the hood (e.g., really rough first drafts).

Katy discusses what graduate students need to know about being a better mentee. First, if you email goes unanswered for a while usually it is not the end of the world.

Katy has a mentor planning worksheet she would love to get into the hands of mentors and mentees everywhere. [Link to the sheet here]Katy (who studied film for her PhD) answers Matt’s random question about her favorite films. Rules of the Game is the intellectual answer and Apollo 13 was the fun answer.

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